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What Can I Do ?

What can I do about what I am going through?

I can’t start new

What can I do ?

I write with my hand

I always pray

I wait to see what God will say

What more can I do with what I am going through ?

When my mind is clear ,

I can listen ,

I can hear

I try and talk with a peer

I go to church

I listen to gossiple music

I play a game on my phone

I try everything I can

to keep my mind off of being alone

Distraction is the key

I tell myself to take a breath

Just breathe

I do believe

I take one day at a time

God has a plan

He’s writing It in the sand

He will send me a sign

He’s always helping us through

Lending us ahand is what God can do

But what can I do ?

I am tired of this situation I am going through

I take a step back

There’s many things I can do

To get myself through

Everything I am going through

I don’t know what I am going to do

But God gives me faith

God will get me through .

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