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Why Are You In A Wheelchair?

One of the first questions people ask when they meet me are “ Why are you in a wheelchair?” Just saying I have cerebral palsy seems to confuse a lot of people…Cerebral palsy occurs when the brain has been starved of oxygen or it has not developed properly due to blocked blood vessel. There are several causes of cerebral palsy, one of them being problems during pregnancy such as premature birth or illness. There is currently no cure unfortunately; .wheelchair1 Types of Cerebral Palsy differ from person to person. It’s very rare that any two cases are the same, however there may be some similarities. In my case it affects balance . I realize how lucky I am to have the level of mobility I do. Growing up as I did I saw and helped care for a lot of really ill children and it made me appreciate life so much more. I will always remember one little girl Teri-Ann who throughout her life always had a smile on her face no matter what she had to battle in life and I miss her so very much and will always remain in my heart. I believe it’s important to help raise awareness of the condition in all its forms and SCOPE offer advice concerning this. Everyone has their down days I know it’s because I have so much passion for performance and it frustrates me that I can’t get up and dance that’s why I long to push the boundaries and people’s perception of what they assume when the see someone in a wheelchair. Yes, to others I may be over ambitious and my goals might seem unrealistic but however silly they are we all have dreams and whether or not they come true, no one has the right to tell anyone they can not dream.

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