Wheelchair Mommy

On September 12, 1999 , Priscilla ( who was 18 years old at the time), her sister in law and friend were heading home , when her friend who was driving collided with another car that was coming after Priscilla's sister-in law who was drunk grabbed the wheel. They Flew out of the side.

Out of the three girls, Priscilla was the only one who was hurt . Priscilla became paralyzed.911 was called. Priscilla was taken to their local hospital and then life flighted to a larger trauma hospital later that night. For 3 days Priscilla was in the Critical Care Unit while they stabilize her and waited for the swelling on her brain to go down.

The doctors were able to operate to stabilize her spine . The surgery took 12 hours. Becoming paralyzed was scary for Priscilla. But she knew she couldn't change anything. Priscilla decided that she would make the best of her situation and try to live the best life she could. Priscilla had to learn how to do things from her wheelchair .

The hardest thing for her to learn how to do is driving. Priscilla never drove until she met her husband. Her husband was tired of doing all the driving. He got Priscilla a car with hand controls. He said Here is a car with hand controls, you're driving", Priscilla was scared to drive . She found it easy to do.

After becoming paralyzed, the one question Priscilla had for the doctor was " Can I be a mother?" The answer? Yes She CAN!!!!!! Two years after Priscilla's accident. Priscilla met her now husband Charles. They married in 2002.

In 2004, Priscilla's dreams came true, she became a full time mother. Priscilla gave birth to her and Charles's first son Will. In 2005 Priscilla created her blog Wheelchair Mommy. Priscilla wanted to share with the world her adventure as a mommy. Four years in later in 2008 Pricilla gave birth to Lucas , their middle child . In 2011, Nathan the youngest son was born.

Between home schooling her sons, house chores and running her blog " Wheelchair Mommy", Priscilla is ALWAYS busy. Priscilla says, " Being a mommy is exhausting , but so wonderful and rewarding"! Priscilla has also worked a liitle with people who have become paralyzed from accidents and would love to work with more.

Priscilla wants people who have been paralyzed from accidents and or who were born with a disability , " Don't let your disability stop you! Learn to adjust and move on. Life is too short." " Cry when you need to cry, but realize you can still have the most meaningful life possible." " Others will perceive you the way you perceive yourself." If you are confident, everyone will see your confidence and accept you for you."