American Idol: Michelle Marie

17 year old Michelle Marie has always had a passion for music. Michelle told me " Im not sure if anything in particular started it. It's just always been in me" . Michelle was 4 years old when she started singing with the intent of becoming a professional singer . The hardest thing about being a singer for Michelle Marie , is not knowing if your going to break the business. But no mattwr what, wether its a show for 10 people or 10,000 people , you must always give it your all. Michelle was on what was supposed to be the last season of the most popular tv show American Idol . For Michelle , being on American Idol was very surreal and eye opening. It was all together an amazing experience for Michelle. Michelle Marie said " I wouldnt trade the experience for the world"! On the show , Michelle Marie learned how to deal with difficult people and how to conserve energy. For Michelle Marie , the worst thing about American Idol , was not knowing why she was eliminated. Michelle was never given a reason.

Michelle's future goals are to be a successful recording artist and tour around the world and lastly to inspire others to achieve their dreams. Michelle Marie will be auditioning for the upcoming season of Idol in August ! She will stick to being a country girl. Just like last year, Michelle will give it her all and hope for the best! The best advice Michelle Marie can give to a striving artist, is to always stay positive and keep believing in yourself. Michelle Marie says " Never be in it for the money, you've gotta love what your doing more than money, the minute it becomes about finances, is the minute you lose authenticity. For the parents of the striving artists out in the world , the best advice Michelle Marie has for you is to be supportive and persevere. Michelle Marie says " The business can get ugly but no one likes a stage parent."