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My Name is Brain Injury

Hello my name is brain injury, brought to by a bleeding stroke.You are going to be very sorry we ever met. I am going to turn your life upside down, take away your friends, turn your family against you and leave you alone and steal your identity. You will have to start all over, I will turn you into an infant who doesn't know how to chew or swallow. I will make sure you have to learn how to walk, talk, and read again. I will take the things you love to do like readling, writing, driving, your job, your marriage and so much away from you. You will work go through months of rehab, months pain, not being able to call of text your family because you forgot how. You will have head shaved, horrendous headaches, and I even steal your dreams.

You may think when you leave the hospital you will be free of me, but I haven't even started yet. You be completely depend on your family, yes, I stole all your independence along with your friends, your dignity, your ability to do the things you love to do. While I was at it I figured I might as well make sure family refuse to understand or educate themselves, you will be made fun of for not being able to drive, understand emotions, and much more. I will come between everyone you love and make you awkward an comfortable in public. Had enough? To bad because I'm also going to make others call you lazy, accuse of faking it, or my personal favorite, just trying to get attention. I am going to make noise unbearable, bright lights painful, make you feel like you are going crazy, and I'm even going to put thoughts and ideas in your head and you won't know what's real or pretend. I am brain injury, you will be sorry we ever met. Written by myself, for myself and each and every one of us survivors

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