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What Did I Do ?

What did i do ?

whats right for you ?

Did I do whats best for the four of you?

I have nothing now

I don’t even have you

I have failed

I couldnt take care of you

I need to know if i did whats right

When I didnt fight

I need you to know

I didn’t abandon you

You deserve so much better then i can give you

I didn’t even have a home to call my own

It was just a trailer

An ice chest with nothing in it

But I did i do whats best for you

This is so hard on me

It was so hard to do nothing

Letting go of you

Signing over my rights

There was nothing harder than to give you up

I didn’t want to

But I had no choice either way

I was going to loose you

The four of you are always in my thoughts

You are always in my prayers

It brings me to tears not being able to see you

I want to talk to you

Please forgive me

Please know i never abandoned you

I never will give up on you

I will always be here for you

When your old enough,

You can com live with me if you ever want to Please call me

Please come see me anytime you want

I will always be your mom

I will always be here to help you

But, did i do whats best for you?

I don’t know

I failed you four

I was a terrible mother

I tried it just wasnt good enough

I am so sorry

Please forgive me

I only did what I thought was best for you

So please tell me ,

Did i do whats best for you?

What’s your opinion ?

What’s on your mind ?

Do you feel i did whats best for you ?

I do love you

I love all of you

I love you all the time

You will always be my babies

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