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Aly Brooke

My name is Aly I'm 19 from ny and I have spina bifida due to my spina bifida I have limited feeling in my lower extremities, I have to use a catheter to go to the bathroom and have some kind of pain almost every day, despite all of this I lead a pretty normal life I like to spend time with my friends and family and I love to read and write about my experiences in life my goals for the future is to have a family and one day write a book about my experiences with spina bifida in hopes to inspire people and let them know that they can overcome any obsicals that life may throw at them the advice I would give to parents would be.

Be open and honest with your children about people who may be "different" and let them know that it's ok and that everyone is different but yet we are really all the same and it is extremely important to be kind to everyone no matter what... As for the advice I would give parents of children with special needs I would tell them to let their child know that it's ok that they face the challenges that they do and tell them that they should never be ashamed of who they are and tell them that it's ok to talk to other people about what they have and most importantly make sure they talk to their child and tell them that it's extremely important that they always talk about how they are feeling

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