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Creative Writing

EVOLVING VIDEO SCRIPT Scene: Carmen is seen shopping in her braces in a mall Voiceover: This is Carmen shopping in a mall, something that all of us do regularly, of course. But you may notice that she is moving very slowly and awkwardly. That’s because when she was an infant she contracted polio and has never been able to move about without those bulky braces. Even so, Carmen has been able to graduate from college, become a mother, care for her son and work in professional positions in the social services area, improving the lives of others. ​But despite these success, her physical limitations have had negative influences on her life. She is slowed in performing tasks, quite obviously. And despite being basically quite fashion-conscious (close-up of your beautiful face), she has always been forced to wear bulky clothes that will accommodate her braces. ​Of course, one might say, “Well, it’s too bad that she had polio, but she can still go places, and at least she’s not in a wheelchair!” ​No, Carme is not in a wheelchair, but she is struggling to walk and is in pain from this process. Perhaps we should reexamine our assumption that she is “lucky” to not be in a wheelchair? Scene: Carmen shopping in a lightweight manual wheelchair. Further scenes for which the scripts will be crafted: 1. In your office working and gliding about. 2. Timed comparisons between performing tasks in braces and in a chair. 3. Glam night out in sexy cocktail dress. 4. Interview of you regarding your using a wheelchair – pain levels, efficiency, impact on your self-esteem, etc. I would envision about a 15 to 20 minute video at the end of the process, which means that we must be very strategic in selecting scenes and accompanying scripts. I think our main customers will be wheelchair manufacturers and medical supply houses who would reap considerable profit from every custom manual wheelchair sold, as one of mine cost over $5,000 US. In my view, we need to counteract the prevalent assumption that one immediately becomes “confined to a wheelchair” by pointing out that such a lightweight chair can be used electively, like for shopping and longer distances, resulting in decreases in levels of pain, use of narcotics and surgeries, isolation and weight gain. You and I will own the rights to this product, so we need to make clear to the camera personnel that they are being employed by us and are not authors of the video. 

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