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Jan Dijkstra

Dear readers of Walk N Rolling With Spina Bifida , let me introduce myself, so that for reading the complete story comes to know how this story was finally realized. My name is Jan Arjen Dijkstra, I was born on August 25, 1971 in the Frisian town of Akkrum; and after that I have lived in several places, where I have formed myself for a large part. 2 of those places I do not remember at all, because I have been little in Akkrum and Sneek because of my limitation. Unfortunately, there was little to change here, although I would have liked it differently. Sadly, there is little else to think about, although I think those things have made me stronger in life. This has been a kind of victory for me, even though I had to get over an obstacle again. In spite of several attempts, he could not be circumvented, which was also later reflected in my texts. I think it is important that people in a text know as much about me as possible, so that my texts are more credible to the reader. With that feeling I have been able to write a lot again in recent years, so that I have been able to help other people. They needed help from me from my texts every now and then, which I also hope for more years. That is very clear, even though there will be many difficult moments during writing. The how and what that read now again. Jan Arjen Dijkstra

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