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Sibling Love

Dear colleagues I am in contact with a family from Belgium, where a girl with Spina Bifida is a part of. Her big brother was asked at school to give a lecture about it, which he succeeded very well with the help of a photo of his sister and my book Life with Spina Bifida. It was also very nice to do, although it was also very exciting to do on the other side.

In addition, he had a picture of his sister "who has Spina Bifida and Epilepsy" with her, so that they could immediately form an image. For a good picture of the story it is certainly wise, because that way it is much easier for people who have no picture. The mother of these children has my complete series of books, including the book "Living with Spina Bifida".

Her big brother Henk got the idea to give a lecture about Spina Bifida through his school "because his mother wanted to have my book series", in which he also used my book. Of course this is very clever for a 13 year old boy, because he was so young at the time. Henk found it very nice to talk about what the classmates, the teacher and his mother really appreciate in him.

As a result, more stories were released in the classroom at a given moment, which were then also given the attention. In my eyes, everyone's story deserves the attention, and then the appreciation for this can be felt. This appreciation had, of course, earned Henk at home "at accepting the lecture", which also makes him mentally stronger.

The family within this story is a real example of this, helping each other on top of it. Together they are quite strong and tenacious as a family, which in my opinion should also be our own parents in our youth; and I hope that each of us can get even more strength from this, in order to be able to overcome and process as many setbacks as possible. I hope you will read it fun. Greetings, Jan Arjen Dijkstra

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