Marie Anna

   Marie Anna is a  almost 30 year old woman from Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin . Marie Anna has a brother who is married with no chileren .Marie Anna  started going back to school in 2016. Marie Anna is  apart of two different advocate organizations in her state. It's one of her passions. 

   Marie Anna also has a passion for  tractors and belongs to a organization in her county associated with just that. Anna would love to become a social worker, counselor of  find some sort or work with a law maker. She belongs to a organization that teaches people  about all aspects of agriculture. 

   Marie Anna’s  goals in life are to live her life to fullest and not let barriers take her down with them! Any advice  she can give to all her friends is “ You rule your life not any one else, the sky truly is our limits.” Marie Anna loves teaching others about her life with Spina Bifida and  the challenges it makes her face and over come. Marie Anna  doesn’t listen to negativity. Marie Anna is a fighter . She’s strong !