Rebecca Lester

My name is Rebecca Lester. I am 36 years old and living with Spina Bifida. My childhood wasn’t the most fun. I spent a lot of it in and out of hospitals having corrective surgery on my legs and feet. They helped a little bit. I am one of the fortunate people who is able to walk out in public with the aide of my leg braces.

I endured bullying from some peers when I was in elementary school because of the leg braces. But I also made good friends who were not at all bothered that I walked differently than they did. I also have my grandma in my corner telling me all the time “ God doesn’t make mistakes”. Those words have stuck with me my whole life. And I have never let my disability stop me. I met the most wonderful man at the age of 32, names James . He accepts me for who I am. And my disability doesn’t bother him at all. He encouraged me to work.

So I got a job at Walmart where i became a cashier after working there as a greeter for 6 months. It was great. I met and worked with amazing people. And I spent a year and a half working there. We have since moved to a small town in Texas and have a wonderful church family. We are living life to the fullest!