Advocating Disabilities

From a young age, I always wanted to be an advocate for other people with disabilities. Especially to help people by standing up for them, and making sure they don't let their condition stop them from doing what they love. I knew I wanted to help people who are seen as the "underdog" or who are judged by there appearance. Pretty much everyone around me, mostly my family, could see my high level of empathy for people who have less than I do. I believe that the ones who are perceived as weak are really the strongest. When I am helping people, usually by giving advice or giving them a pep talk, I am at my best. For the most part, I grew up not really feeling that much different from other people. For the most part, I was given every opportunity I wanted, regardless of my physical condition. Spina Bifida has definitely shaped who I am today. I was able to play many sports such as soccer (with my dad next to me at the goalie of course) baseball (on a predominantly boys team), softball, basketball, and sled hockey. Out of all the sports I have played, I had the best experience with sled hockey. I played defense. When I was on the ice I felt like nothing could stop me. I got to go to several tournaments in different states and in Ontario, Canada. The time I traveled with my dad for sled hockey was the best time of my life. After I spent a year on the ice, I went to school at Laroche College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I got my degree in psychology, and I plan on being a social worker for hospitalized people.