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Hello my name is Anne and I am from Scotland. I was born with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida. My parents were told that I would never walk or even sit up.Well I proved them wrong and started walking at 13 months. I went to mainstream school wear a small knee length caliper as I had slight drop foot on left leg. I did most thing that other kids did at school played games and did P.E.

At the age of 12, I Had leg lengthening operation as my left leg was getting shorter every year. By this time it was 3 inches short. I was in and out of the hospital for about a year due to different stages of the operation and I missed Ist year at High School.

The operation was a success. Went back to school and did most things in PE, such as volley ball, swimming, table tennis etc. Was not allowed to do do Hockey in case of accidents to my leg or back.

Obviously at school there are always a few kids who notice a slight limp, or see the Spina Bifida in the changing rooms. Some would ask questions, which I answered, and some would snicker and start bullying me . But I just ignored them. I left High School and went to college and did a secretarial course. After which I started working as a typist at Police HQ in Edinburgh, and left when I got married and started a family.I have 5 children

As a young adult, my Spina Bifida never really bothered me, although I always had a slight weakness in left leg and had slight limp. I loved dancing and would go to dance halls with my friends. Later in life I loved walking, and hill walking and would take the children camping.

Its only in my later years that I have had problems. I started getting stress incontinence, and irritable bladder syndrome. I had Botox injections about 2 years ago, and again earlier this year. It was the best thing I ever did!

I had a Hip replacement in 2010 which went well. I had Knee replacement following year, which left me with Femoral Nerve damage and now I walk with full length KAFO and walking sticks.

Throughout my life I have never really thought of myself as disabled, as I did most things that I wanted to. Its on now, that I get older and due to failed op, that I now see that I am. On giving advice to other parents, I wouldnt really know, but let your child be and do all that they can.

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