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Cori Rae

Cori Rae is a 39 years old woman born with Cerebral Palsy . She has blond hair and blue eyes . To get around she uses a walker .She has a boyfriend named Bert .

In Cori Rae’s spare time , she likes to be on facebook talking with Bert . She also likes to sing, dance and watch tv. Her favorite tv show to watch is “ Super Natural “ and her favorite song to sing is “ Where Does My Heart Beat Now ?” By Celine Dion.

For Cori, she is planing to live out her life with her boyfriend Bert Visscher . She wants to live a life full of happiness. Together , Cori and Bert hope to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida. Cori’s wish for our future generations is for individuals to live strong , independent and happy . She says “ Please never give up”!

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