Georgia Dave

My name is Dave M. Smith. I was born in a small town in Georgia on September 20th 1972. I am the youngest of 5 kids. I have four older sisters. My life was not bad growing up. I did have some difficulties but I was always reassured that everyone has problems. They may be different than the ones that I was having but everyone has them. During my school years, I stayed to myself most of the time. I did not have very many friends because I felt that no one would want to hang out with me because they would have to get my chair in and out of the car and things like that. Once I graduated high school, I went to college but I was not into it at that time so I dropped out after 1 semester. I learned how to drive, bought a car and found a job. I worked various jobs over the next 8 years. In 1999 I was searching for a job and found one at a call center where I worked for the next 13 years. I started out as a phone agent and worked my way up to a department supervisor. I met many friends during those 13 years and stay in touch with most of them. During that time, I met someone and she became my wife. After I lost my job in April of 2011 due to outsourcing, I went through a dark period in my life. I spent quite a bite of time in the hospital and I also went through a divorce. Through prayer and my faith in God I made it through that stage of my life. As of April 2016, I married the most amazing woman that I have ever known. I have never known this type of happiness in a relationship. I am enrolled in college working on my associates degree in Computer Information Systems and I am looking forward to 2017 and beyond to be the best years of my life.