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God Knows

Something I’m really trying to learn is that we’re not here, we weren’t created, to understand everything. Meaning God knows we have tons of questions especially when something in life goes wrong or different than we were hoping. God may reveal to us why He does or allows certain things, and maybe He won’t. I went to life group tonight and one of the girls brought up a good reminder about how we often ask God why He would cause bad things to happen to us. She said that so many Christians say “Well God has a reason”. She then reminded us that we live in a broken sinful world.

God gave us free will and we chose to sin. But He only gave us free will so we could choose to serve Him instead of us just being like robots. God doesn’t want us to worry. He wants us to trust Him and just worship Him. He wants us to give Him all our problems and forget about them and just focus on Him. In my life now, as I’m wondering if God will give me more to do with my life and make me feel like I’m worth something, I’m being reminded that this life that He gave me isn’t to be used for myself. He gave me, us, the gift of life just to worship Him constantly no matter the circumstances. As humans we want success and worth. We feel successful by doing something important with our lives, like going to school for a degree, getting a career we’ve been working so hard for, getting married and having kids, etc. And we feel worth by having and accomplishing those things.

But God already sees us as worthy because He created us. He just wants us to love and follow Him. That’s it. Now, instead of waking up every morning praying that God will do something with my life, I’m going to pray for God to help me praise Him in every single moment even in the moments where I’m at home doing absolutely nothing (which is pretty much all the time since I don’t go to school or have a job..). And I’m going to try and serve Him more and basically just make Him the basis of my thoughts and not myself.

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