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Professional Networker

I am Artreice Westmoreland, my close friends and family members call me Treice. I am a professional Network Marketer; I have been in Network Marketing for seven years.I am a kind, sociable, and giving leader. I try and develop personal bonds with the people that are a part of my team and the people that are not a part of my team. I am not the one that like conflict so I try to afford it as much as possible. I rather sit down and come with solution that works for everybody and makes everybody happy. I make sure everybody on my team is comfortable and not scared to step out their comfort zone. I help succeed and grow the strengths they have.

I grew up in the Tarheel state of North Carolina and the tobacco city of Winston-Salem. I have lived here all 38 years of my life. I am hoping that one day I may live somewhere else to explore a different state and city. I love to read, watch TV, chat, and spend time with my friends and family. I have a passion for helping people whether if it is finding their purpose or helping them start their own business. My passion came from watching my grandmother help people when she could. I do not have any children and I am not married.

I have cerebral palsy, but that does not stop me for going after the goals I have set for myself. Just because you have a disability does not mean you stop living life. I have a goal to reach the highest paid role in my company and I know I am able to achieve it.

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