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Stephanie Treadwell

I was born in May 1980 in Las Vegas, Nevada with the birth defect Spina Bifida. I have been through a lot in my life since. I have had multiple surgeries due to my condition. I was say at least 30+ to add.I had always been in school during my childhood streamed in regular classes of course with some supports if needed. I graduated high school is 1998. I found my first job then as a movie ticket taker, usher, concessionist etc.

I worked there for 5 years and loved it. I then wanted to get into another field so I could work with children in some capacity which is a love of mine. So I tried with the school district and applied as a teacher aide at multiple schools, even some of my own I went to or my mom’s old workplaces. I would go for the interview and then was denied every time. So I then thought well this isn’t working so I decided to go back to school for another field.

I went into Medical Assistant Administrative program and went through two schools to get my degree and did my externship with a personal physician and finally graduated with MAA in 2007. I am currently not employed since the schooling but that’s okay.I volunteered at many hospitals and schools that my mom taught at as well. I gained a lot of knowledge then so hope I can find some job eventually if I want. I am now 36 years old here in 2017 and within the last years of adulthood I have dealt with a lot medically finding physicians to take my cases. I have been with my urologist since I was a teen, but my neurologist and orthopdic etc have been a challenge to get. Last year I ended up with having difficulty with my shunt as it malfunctioned awhile back and I had seizures come about.

So from may to June I was in the hospital due to that episode. I had surgery to replace the shunt with the best neurosurgeon I found and now I am better every day. I have three pressure sores, one I have had for 6yrs now and not yet surgery, the other two started a few months back and so I am seeing a wound care specialist for these with continued care. I am wheelchair bound and hope someday to be able to walk again. Six years ago I married my best friend. We met through a mutual friend of ours and started dating fast in summer of 2010, Which then we lived together and not much after we eloped. I personally would of never done that as I am not that type. My family was all upset with me not knowing the situation, the guy etc. Til this day we get the brunt of it mentioned and I do feel bad we did how we did but I do want to remarry him again with the family involved so hope we can soon. He got himself to know my medical situation within a short time frame, including my first pressure sore that happened while with him at his apartment.

He was so involved then and stayed with me in the hospital while working full time. It was so overwhelming for him and I but he stuck with it. Then we became pregnant in November 2011 with our son who is a total miracle for us. I never thought I could get pregnant but I did and with the man who made it happen with me. Our son is now 5 years old getting ready for kindergarten. How does time fly so fast we say!!

We live in a apartment and hoping to get a house of our own soon so our son can have play space as well a place we really call home. But with my husband’s past financial issue its been hard to get anything even though he has proof that clears him to move on. So any help out there is greatly appreciated.

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