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Christian Grimes was born with Spina Bifida Occulta . She was born with a small dimple. Christian can Walk . Christian also says “ I can ice skate and roller skate “. “ I can’t skateboard though lol “

The Hydrocephalus was found near the end of 5th grade. Christian was getting a medical exam for 6th grade and they discovered She couldn’t bend over even when they pushed on her.

They sent Christian to some kind of specialist. The X-ray tech took an x ray of Christian. He told Christian “something looked different” then but blamed it on the way she was standing. He sent her home.

Christian has big goals for her future . She opes to become a medical assistant. She would also like to be a wife some day . Christian wants those with disabilities to know that if God can help her , he can help each and everyone of you . “ Don’t let others tell you how to live , but don’t be afraid to take advice “ Christian says .

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