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The Disabled Side

I don’t want to sound insensitive or rude, especially starting off this way. But when I hear about a parent crying because they worry for their child’s future it irritates me. Well it’s not that exactly that bugs me, because most parents worry for their kid’s future whether or not they have a disability.

It’s when the parent has high expectations for the kid and expects them to do these big things or even “normal” things. Everybody’s different so please stop! I mean it’s great that you have these high hopes for your child but please think realistically. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. And please don’t cry about it!

My future is in God’s hands so I’m not too worried. Everybody has different futures. So what if we don’t “fit the norm”. When you have these expectations for your disabled kids it makes us feel like we’ve already failed before we even started! I know you’re scared for us. I know you just want us to be happy and taken care of.

But please consider our feelings too. We depend on you a lot. We look to you for help. How do you think we’ll feel when we see you’re scared for us? When you don’t have faith in us? No, in God because He’s ultimately in control. But it still makes us feel bad when you do that. I’m not asking you to expect us to become Olympians. Though there are the Paralympics so you never know! 😁 Just please believe in us. Please. And be happy with every little milestone, no matter how big or small the accomplishment.

I don’t know exactly what it’s like to raise a child with a disability, but I have somewhat of a good idea since I’m on the other end of that scenario. My mom is absolutely incredible, like I’ve mentioned before. She’s done so much for me and continues to do so. But I’ve never seen her express a whole lot of worry and distress for my future. Because she knows it’s not in anybody’s control anyway, except God’s.

Just like everybody else’s future. I mean she worries maybe a teeny bit more than a mom with a “normal” child. But I don’t see her worrying too much. She’s the best at what she does. I hope to be even half as amazing as she is when I’m a mom. And I really mean that. She’s my advocate, nurse, and so much more. She’s a shoulder to cry on when I have my tough days. She fights for me. She believes in me. Well more importantly she believes in God. She knows God is all-powerful and is in control of my future. And she’s amazing at leading me closer to Christ. She doesn’t put expectations on me because she knows

God may have a different plan for me and that it’s going to be okay. No ,it’s going to be GREAT . Because God is involved. I just have to keep on putting my trust in God and everything will work out. Since I was born my story has been a little different than the normal person. And it’s beautiful because God is making my story. 😊

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