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Behind These 4 Walls

Behind these four walls I am the prisoner Only I hold the keys The ties that bind me bound by my two hands Are made from my fears of the outside world,

My insecurities nail my hands to the wall. Behind these four walls I rage against my chains My cries go unheard As the silence

I gave my freedom up for echoes Down the empty halls, Yet, I feel a tug of pleasure That no one answers behind these four walls

Behind these four walls I am a prisoner of my own insecurities. my face I must hide from judgement

I can see on faces of those I love,

My own face is there. My voice I must silence For they just can't hear the pain I hide so well. Behind these four walls I am free from sounds that make me ill I am free of people who hurt my soul I am free from the lights that burn my eyes All the while, my eyes shed tears For the days I was able to go beyond thesefour walls.

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