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My name is Madison Detko but everybody calls me Maddi. I am 16 years old . I have Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida along with Hydrocephalus. I have 3 half siblings. We all have a close relationship. I am from Florida .

During my childhood I spent alot of time in and out of surgery. I had my first surgery at three hours old. But other than that I had pretty normal childhood.

I never really let my Spina Bifida stop me from being a kid. I did everything other kids did. had to do them a little different, but I did them . I love spending time with family, going to theme parks , and social media.

Going to school for me has been okay. I have difficulty with certain subjects mainly reading comprehension. I am going to Daytona State College . My goal in life is to get a degree in Nursing. I want to be a NICU nurse after graduating college.

In my spare time I stay busy . I love spending time with my family. I love going to theme parks. When I am not with family or having fun at theme parks I am on social media .

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