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Mi Amore!

A rose comes in million different colors.

And all hearts beat the same.

Morning doves line across the fence,

As they begin to coo around five am,

While the sun has not risen yet.

Waking up to the sound of each bird,

And having my hands filled with a million hearts,

Hoping to find that heart,

That will sync with mines.

Breath for breath,

And beat for beat,

Come and make this heart sync.

Giving it a reason to beat. I don’t wanna be alone,

For the rest of my life,

Holding onto memories

That, I would love to share.

So, come find a place within your heart,

And bring this heart on home.

These eyes have been soaring through,

Hoping to find a love connection with you.

Please don’t give this heart a reason

To skip a beat.

Would you love me, for me?

Or would you pick out all my imperfections?

This heart really wants to grow old with you,

And have a body to console,

When times get ruff,

Needing you to shield away,

All my pain and sorrow. I will always be there, and show you my love.

A love that is only connected by two,

With no hidden stories to be told.

This heart believe it has found true love,

I believe in every single heartbeat

I will ask you anyway

Are you my love?

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