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PSA Complete

I feel like

I need to make a public service announcement

To the world,

And if I don’t,

My head will fully explode.

This world is lying silently still on this word,

I am about to spill.

I may walk,

I may crawl

I may not have any limbs at all.

Are you completely confused?

If you are... DONT

Because I am about to shout it out to the world. Disability ! I can almost see your faces,

As some of you are frowning with disgrace, Wanting to turn your back away

You feel like it’s a contractible disease.

Straight up ignorance, if I may say.

Now, what if I was to tell you that,

I have a low tolerance for ignorance?

Would you still act like an ass?

Or reevaluated the way you see this word?.

I would hope that you would re-evaluate

But I truly can’t make that decision for you.

Okay now let me turn your head just a little bit. Don’t worry it won’t hurt,

And it will still be on topic,

What if I told you that I am an advocate,

And left you with that?

You would be confused and wondering

What kind of advocate?

Let me just tell you this,

A lot of people

Who are into advocating for others,

Deal with the same thing themselves.

So, if I say to you that I am a disability advocate. You would be shocked,

Wondering what is my disability?

Go right ahead and ask,

I will be glad to tell you.

But, I hope once I do tell you this,

That you will walk away feeling proud

Because you have let go of that ignorance

And fully opened your mind and ears.

People who have disabilities for once

Expect to be treated the same as everyone else. They don’t ask for very much

But for your respect.

And if they ask for accommodations,

It’s because they need it

So they can fit in with everyone else.

So, whether they have an Invisible disability,

The one’s you cannot see,

Or Physical disability,

The one’s you can see.

Don’t Judge them

Because labels are for cans.

So instead educate yourself by asking question.

I am back yet again

With another Public Service Announcement,

For the world to absorb, about Disability.

I want to tell you that,

I don't take this situation lightly

Because I find this a serious condition,

And my head will continually hurt,

Until it's finally address.

I however, would give all my gratitude

To those who stand up for Disabled bodies.

And for those who

Still want to stay close minded,

I want to scream at the top of my lungs at you. What does it have to take

For you to, even get the picture?

Come walk a day, or two in my shoes,

Or even in someone else.

All it takes is a full life experience

For some to really grasp

And for others,

I just want to say, Straight out ignorance

Because they truly do not want to learn,

Or they have a lot to learn.

So, to fully understand how we live

Our lives daily, you need to come and see.

If I was to stand with crutches

Or sitting in a wheelchair,

Do not judge me because of my mobility,

That’s just how I am.

Now, if I have an communication device

And my voice sounds a bit out of norm to you,

Do not judge me

Because that's how I speak. I really do not need to stress this out any longer,

But people will continue to keep this word underground,

If no one ever speaks out about it.

So therefore, I and plenty of other people with, disabilities are standing up. Now take a look back at the very first P.S.A, and recite it all the way through, Leaving out the end,

Peace I am out of here.

You will begin to see a connection.

As this is my first poem that with an extension. You may think, I am on a rant spree,

But, if you look at this from a different perceptive,

You would understand my poetry.

Now this is where, I can finally close and say: Peace I am Out of here. Peace I am Out Of Here !

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