Throughout life,

I have learned from so many people.

And in return,

I will pass it onto the next generation,

As soon as I get there.

Just be patient darling, you will get there.

Your journey is not over yet,

and there are still a lot of people; who have not grasp onto your words.

So, you need to keep preaching, until, you can not preach no more.

I love what I stand for,

And no words can ever break me.

I may speak with a stumble.

But, do not ever show discrimination upon these walls.

I will shed tears of strength, to show you;

I have the power to overcome any and everything.

So, I will walk with pride

And hold my head up high,

As I thank the lord for saving me

Because I am here to shine the light upon my broken boundaries.

Love me for me,

And do not look back on my enemies.

As, they will see shadows and over come them too.

I am about grace, and not disgrace.

So, I will not pull the shade,

over anything that, I may say.