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Tears In The Ocean

Butterflies are in the garden,

Fluttering their wings so effortlessly.

The sound of birds chirping soothes my ears.

But, there is one thing that breaks my heart internally,

And is hard to repair,

Your constant negative vibes

That you bring to yourself.

As you keep pointing your finger

At the wrong person,

Trying to find fault in every little thing.

This heart has chosen not to give you affection

Because for many years,

I have truly began to see who you

turned out to become.

It makes me wanna "Scream and shout"

And let it all out.

Like, Will.I.A.M and Britney Spears.

As this soul continue on with life,

I will always make sure to carry every tear that,

I cry in to the ocean.

Yes, I will continue to shed tears

Through my journey in this so-called-life.

Not everyone gets to see this part of me

Because I am hiding it deep down inside,

Trying to keep going on with this life.

But, the moment someone tells me,

How to feel and stop shedding these tears,

Does not make my situation any better.

If you never felt my pain,

You can not tell me how to feel.

These tears are internal band-aids to the soul.

Therefore, telling me not to shed tears is like, Leaving an open wound,

For more germs to grow.

I will continue to cry

Because that's the only way my insides

Can truly heal.

As I will collect every tear drop

And carry them out in to the ocean.

So, please do not tell me

How I should deal with pain.

I am human

My tears are my pain.

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