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The Cripple Lane

If you never used a wheelchair or braces and crutches for more than an hour or two you probably don't have a clue what its like living life in the cripple lane. If you never had everyone telling you, you can't or shouldn't do something and end up believing it for most of your life, and having to work harder than anyone you know to prove to yourself & others that you can.

Determination and strength, the ability to overcome all the obstacles life throws at me. Life in the crippled lane is hard, it may seem like its a lot of fun to ride in a wheelchair all day, but that's because it took years to build up the person that I am. It took years to have all that determination and strength, to accomplish what most people don't even consider a challenge. It takes years to build up a positive attitude towards whatever seems to happen to you. I get asked all the time

if I could change one thing about my life what would it be. Nothing because if I change one thing about my life, that changes everything that I am as a person. My personality comes from the challenges in my life. My attitude comes from all the stuff i have overcome & people I have met . People ask me do I wish I could walk my answer is why fix something that isn't broken? I believe that God is using my disability. I do everything in life everyone else does maybe a little different therefore having the ability to walk is pointless.

My wheels, braces and crutches are my legs. My arms are my strength. My mind is my heart and soul. I'm not broken therefore I certainly don't need to be fixed. This came to me when I made a video about what people have said to me throughout my life.

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