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In August of 2010 , Dustin’s life changed when he was in a car accident. Dustin sustained a major spinal cord injury. Dustin also had a broken upper arm, he collapsed his lungs, he had broken his ribs, cracked his sternum & suffered from a mild brain injury.

Due to the car accident , Dustin has a T-5 complete spinal cord injury (SCI) which means he has no feeling below his mid-chest. Dustin was told by doctors he would never move below his waist again. After being part of a SCI research project at the University of Kentucky in Louisville, Dustin is able to move his legs and stand.

Through his adversity, Dustin was able to find a silver lining, in which he is striving to help not only bring awareness to spinal cord injuries, but to motivate the lives of people who have been through traumatic events like himself. Dustin does motivational speaking and raises money for spinal cord research and helps to improve lives for people in wheelchairs through his foundation called “ Dustin Shillcox Foundation.” 

Dustin  every day life  right now consist of keeping in shape. Dustin stays active and enjoys his life  as much as he can. Dustin is working with the stimulator not only to improve his life but to provide the best information to the research so that this will soon be a procedure that everyone can have and together they all can work on their goal witch is to walk again. He is giving speeches, raising money for the foundation, and living life to the absolute fullest! 

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