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I heard you call my name Satan.

But, I shall not come to you.

You have tried in so many ways to take ownership of me, and I have not obey you, not even once.

The Lord rings true in my prayers,

When I pray each day and night. Dear Lord of the heavens,

only you and I can see what's going on behind these close doors, that I am dealing with everyday.

I ask only if, its in your will to shield me away from Satan, by laying your hands on my body, and remove all the pain he has caused.

Some days I am feeling good with a smile upon my face, and other days trying my hardest to carry that same smile, even when I am in pain.

Satan, you may think, you have control over me.

But, I have and will always call upon the Lord of the heavens.

Dear Lord of the heavens,

I pray that if its in your will, to remove this pain from my body.

So, I can live pain free.

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