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Never Forgotten


My heart is so sore 

I feel like someone has completely 

Torn me apart. 

Tears begin to flow like a waterfall, 

As my heart does not beat the same anymore

Because  you were more than a bestfriend,

You were more like a sister to me. 

A few nights before you were called  into heaven, You came to see me in my dreams. 

I really didn't think to much of it 

Because who believes in every little dream?

I immediately felt your presence 

Once I read that you were gone.

Some people may not believe in life after death. But, I know you are still here with everyone. Especially, a few days after

You were called  into heaven, 

You have send down a sense of flowers that, 

I could only smell.

From time to time 

I hear you speaking like,

I always remember how you use to talk. Everyone will  carry those good old memories Always within their hearts 

Because  you still remain alive

Even though the lives you have touched 

Can’t see you physically. 

We all have shed our tears  over you. 

We will always carrry some  memories of you,

Within our hearts to let you know that,

We always remember you 

Even though, we are far apart.

Rest in peace

July 13, 19?? - November 27, 2016 

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