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Can I be free from all the things that,

is going on in my life. I can't seem to keep my head on straight,

With a lot of people staring at me,

As I begin to look around,

Trying to find out who, I really want to be.

I'm beginning to feel very frustrated

I can't seem, to get anything right,

what is really wrong with me?

Why can't I see things, others can see within side of me?

I feel like I'm underneath, a silly sleeping spell.

What you don't know,

Is I have been through a lot of pain

For people who haven't gotten to know me,

Or who are just to afraid to ask.

I'm now feeling like,

I just want to be left alone

I feel like everyone can see right through me.

I'm feeling hurt from the inside out,

Can anyone really see that? I

want to know who can?

I let everyone see the true side of me.

I can't let people see,

If they want to make fun of me.

I truly feel that,

You are the only one who knows,

The real side of me,

When I begin to tell you,

I can only wonder

What would be going through your mind?

Sometimes I can't sleep at night

Because I'm left wondering,

What would others think of me?

How can I let you see that other side of me

That’s been hiding for sometime now?

Where in my mind is there time?

To let myself be free.

Would you be scared,

If I showed you the true side of me?

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