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In the morning when I rise The sun smile smiles outside My window, the birds they sing Their morning song I'm tired. So tired.

I lost my sleep, it ran away with my dreams, Sleep it comes to me a time or two Leaving me tired. I'm so tired.

I'm a mother,

I'm a daughter, I'm the mother of and Angel. I'm the sister of a chameleon I'm the wife of the bottle and I'm tired.

So tired.

I'm a fighter,

A survivor I've been to heaven where I was kissed by my angel,

I shook hands withdeath.

I've been cursed I am blessed and I'm tired. So tired.

My heart has been opened and replaced,

I fell asleep and I woke a perfect stranger.

My new normal is adjusting to new normals And I'm tired. So tired.

I am lost,

I have faith I will be found,

I have been loved and unloved,

I have now joy I know the kind of pain that makes you plead

For the angel of death, I'm tired. So tired. I have been lonely in a crowded room,

I have been smothered in false love, I Have felt no true love My wings aren't ready I must still learn to fly I'm tired. So tired. In the morning when I rise, I'm tired

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