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Pro Pain

I don't wanna cry anymore

Even though I still hurt inside

As I begin to clinch onto feelings

That, are hard to describe.

I try to find some form of relief,

Of letting go of this pain,

While there always a consistent reminder,

That keeps bringing me back to that day.

But, with each strive I take,

This reminder just seem to never go away.

You will need to build yourself up stronger,

As a lot of people will say.

You will need to take it day- by- day,

As I begin to look forward,

For what the day has to offer.

I won't show tears of weakness,

Only tears that show that I'm Stronger. Therefore, I'm ready to tear down each,

And every individual

Who wants to stand in my way

Because I will not feed into your negative words. I will dodge every obstacle like Mohamed Ali,

I will float like a butterfly flies,

And sting like a bee.

So, I dare you to mess with me

Because your words don't mean crap to me.

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