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Julia Martin

It is believed that after being in a car accident as a child , Julia Martin received Epilepsy. At the age of 4 , Julia began having seizures. Julia was put through every medical test possible to determine it . Julia’s parents were at a loss. They took her to Children's hospital of Orange County . That’s where they diagnose officially with Epilepsy.

Growing up was difficult for Julia . Her dad worked a lot and her mom took care of her with the help of Julia’s grandmothers . Julia felt like a burden to her family.

In High school , the seizures seemed to slow down for Julia. Between having seizures and being called names in school , Julia struggled with her confidence . . But none the less , School was Julia’s favorite thing . She remembers dating and going to 3 proms . More importantly, Julia remembers being top of her graduating class!

At the age of 18, Julia moved out . She started college and got a job . At 19 years old , Julia married . They were married 2 years . After that Julia lost her grandfather and she moved to Arizona to care for her parents property and to help take care of her grandmother who had early stages of Alzheimer’s.Julia’s seizures became far and few between .

While working as a nanny a few years later , Julia met her sons father . Shortly after turning 26 years old , Julia got pregnant with their son . She was in complete shock .Her and her sons father was told they could never have children. She gave birth to her son Vincent . Julia’s seizures came back full force. She was having 30 seizures a day, once again.

Julia would like everyone who is dealing with Epilepsy , “ Take all ur meds , Eat healthy, get a good nights sleep, look up any thing you want answers to , ask alot of questions. Please don’t Just ask questions to ur docter but to others with Epilepsy. Join a support group. Have friends and family to be there for you .

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