Christopher Musisi

Christopher was born in kibiri palace in Uganda on 10-25-1982, when he turned 2 years old , Christopher’s mother told him he was walking or learning to walk and contracted Malaria . Christopher’s mother took him to the hospital for treatments and immunization. Then they went home and Christopher became paralyzed. When they went in to the village in Kayunga District , Christopher would use his hands to get around. schools at the time were far from his home. He has to travel with his hands when he started school.

While Christopher was in school, his mother work in the fields abs make local beer to make money to take care of Christopher and her self financially. His father was not around.

One day a woman came from the government giving way wheelchairs to people who had a disability and couldn’t walk in Kayunga District, Christopher received a wheelchair . After that , Christopher was able to push his wheelchair to school . His brother also helped push him to school. In 1990 ,a woman came told my Christopher’s mother there was a home in Kampala Uganda that helped people who have disabilities . It was called “THE SALVATION ARMY HOME OF JOY” . Christopher joined the school there . There was many people there with disabilities . In 1997, Christopher’s mother died.

Christopher completed primary school, from there, Christopher had to get a sponsor to sponsor him in school. That was a problem for him . Christopher started writing letters and taking them with his wheelchair to embassies. God blessed Christopher with a sponsor from the Italian Embassy. From there , Christopher started his schooling at Ahamadia high school and then from there Christopher went to St. Peter secondary school in Nsambya. He had a hard time completing his level four schooling. Christopher’s sponsor died .

From there , Christopher stopped schooling, he started planning hisself to go into sports. Christopher is married now and has four Children.