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It Must Of Been A Dream

Tonight friend, meet me in my dreams,

We'll take a trip you shall never forget Where dreams become hallucinations.

We can ride the croc-a-bears there, But don't bring your gun My white elephants may run. On our way to story time, We must take the time to sip strawberry wine with the princess,

If all goes fine,

She may line up her carrot carriage

And take us for a ride to story time.

In story time,

I'd like to take the time to find Ann the raggedy doll,

It won't cost a dime,

It won't take up time.

Now we head out North

Where the wild hump tulips grow,

Watch your step,

You wouldn't expect that

They wear their beating hearts on the outside. Beware of the Blyns They don't like story time, They tell it wrong,

And the trolls under my bed,

They nibble your toes with fine wine.

Its such a crime.

My friend it's almost time for the sun to make his climb to shine,

Our time of fun is almost done.

Along the way

Don't try to rhyme with my sneaky two heads snake,

He will take your tongue

You better run monster

Mommy is right behind.

Don't you fret,

It's not over yet,

This time we ride to morning on the back of a star,

It will be fine with Mr. moon right behind,

Chasing night terrors and toe munching trolls

Back to nighttime and dreams.

Our dreams ran of time, What a fine time we've had Be ready next time

My dragon is waiting to take us on a ride

You will never forget.

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