Unspoken Memories

The sadness has gone after the rain,

As I look down at my the window pane.

I see your name

It’s carved deep within the window frame.

This is only drawing back the pain.

I know that your gone

I can't see you until my time is over,

Which I find is so fun.

But, my heart will continue to ache

You are nowhere around to hold when my heart begins to break.

My heart has held...your broken promise that you have made.

But, I know that you're gone

You left without a reason.

We rarely got to talk to one another,

When we did it was just to say a few words.

I was almost scared to say I love you

The words just did not seem right then.

Now I wish I could only turn back the hands of time.

We could do things a lot better,

No matter what kind of weather.

If our only hearts would heal together.

I am writing this to you from my heart,

I know that your probably, looking over my shoulder reading ever word, I type.

I just want to let you know,

My heart does not hold... bitterness.

All my sadness went away with the rain.