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Allison Saddler

Allison is a 32 year old young lady from Essex Ontario. Allison was born with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. At 3 days old , doctors placed a shunt inside of Allison’s brain to help control the Hydrocephalus level . She has had several shunt replacements.

At age 10, Allison was diagnosed with Scoliosis and had surgery to have Harrington rods placed in her back to correct it. At age 20, Allison was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari and had a decompression surgery to correct it. She has to catheterize every 3-4 hours and uses a c-tube for bowel movements .

Some of Allison’s favorite things to do are boating and spending time with her friends . Allison loves candy. Butter tarts are her favorite candy . She hates vegetables.

The advice Allison would like to give is be your own person . You are your own person . Don't let anyone get you down. You need to love yourself and people will love you. Be strong. In her future Allison would like to finish High school.

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