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Fighting Hydrocephalus

Hey there , my name is Larry . I have Hydrocephalus. When I was born my parents were not allow to see me . The doctors told them that I would not live through the night. I was born a blue baby.Obviously I lived through the night which shocked my doctors. Growing up , my parents treated me as though I was a normal child.

I was obviously not allowed to do sports but I never really had any interest in sports.I had gym class like every other child until they were requiring me to do sit-ups in the 5th grade .Then I was pulled out of gym from 5th grade on.

I had my first revision at 8 years old right around

Christmas time.After the first revision I went another 4 more years without surgery.When I went in for my second revision, I had some complications and had a total of 3 revisions that was in the months of April, May, and June.I was fine through the rest of Middle school. I was a sophomore in high school when I started having problems again. I had 2 surgeries in January and February.

I went another 5 years until I had more issues. This time I was in college and that was before the disability discrimination law of 1993. I had a bacterial infection then and had to have 3 surgeries in a row.The college I was attending overwhelmed me with having to complete all of the work I missed. I dropped out of college!

I started working full time at a retail store. I worked there for several years without an issue. I went 6 years without issue. In 1998, I started having issues again. I had 5 surgeries in 1998 then in 1999 I had another 9 surgeries. Six of the surgeries were in one day . Those surgeries caused a bleed in my brain . It resulted in me having a stroke. It took a year for me to recover from the stroke. I had my final surgery on March 8, 2000. I've been fine every since.

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