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Wine Into Water

Dear mommy, it's been awhile since I have come, mommy may I sit you awhile, I have so much to say, so much to tell you, I fear my heart will break in pieces mommy I need you now, can you tell me how to turn his wine back into water? Mommy somewhere along the way I lost him to, just like I lost you to the seduction of the bottle. mommy he's under its spell, I know it well, it never goes well. I take a second seat to its alluring call, mommy I can't watch him fall, will you tell me how to turn his wine back into water?

Dear mommy I like to think you tried, I often dream that you cared, I dream of a little girl dressed in blue, She is loved, she feels special. my dreams turn into pictures and and the ghosts of the past whisper stories of the day you picked up the bottle and forgot my name. mommy I have come to ask, why couldn't you turn your wine back into water? Dear mommy, I love him to, like I loved you. My love is not enough it was never enough for you. Please mommy I cannot cope I'm losing hope that he will ever see me the way he did before his bottle took him away. please mommy, please tell me how, you must know now Can you help me turn his wine back into water?

Dear mommy you have been gone a while now, your memory still alive in my head, mommy can you talk to angels, can you see them now? Mommy while your up there in heaven now, I wonder now if you can help me now, if you ask God now to help me turn his wine back into water. Mommy I'm glad I had this talk with you, my happiness depends on you, mommy I cannot keep from crying when he calls upon the bottle, my love was once enough, times for us have been rough, the love we had has turned to dust, we broke it along the way Dear mommy our time is up I won't give up, just one last time I must ask. Can you tell me how to turn his wine back into water?

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