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Kay Nunez

I was invited on vacation to Okaboji. My boyfriend and I plus a guy friend as well as his girlfriend. Before we had left we had found out I was pregnant. We had such a romantic time on our vacation. I started spotting and I was worried so I was going to head back to Des Moines and go to the doctors meeting where as he would stay with his best friend for the trips they do every year.

At the last minute he decided to go with me. On our trip home just 50 minutes away. I started making a big deal about a post of our trip and noticed he went straight past it after reading and didn't like the past. It became a heated conversation and my boyfriend got so angry he grabbed the wheel. I was the driver. We swerved left and without hitting any car. The car flipped twice. It felt like a dream I remember just starting at my boyfriend. Then when the car hit hard when it flipped I don't know what happened. All I know is I looked over for Richard and he was no longer in the car.

I screamed his name tried to get out of the car and I couldn't my body felt weird at one point I remember feeling like I was cut open from my breath down because I couldn't feel it anymore and not being able to release my seatbelt or get out of the car. We were in a vehicle with a drop top. Which was gone off the car. I heard Richie moaning in pain. I tried hooking the horn turning on the car lights see if my phone was in sight but I couldn't do anything. I was screaming for help.

I was screaming Richard’s name and I had finally given up . I was dizzy and confused. I felt like I was dying. I had given up. I remember closing my eyes because in that moment I believed I was going to die and I wanted to so badly just die and finally I seen the lights. I was cut from the car but I had told the cops to save him first but they continued with me.

Next thing I do remember is my 2 sisters standing in the hallway with my boyfriends sister asking where he was? if he was OK? When I was being rushed I'm guessing into surgery. When I had awaken at some point I was told I was paralyzed a T3 Complete. I found out when my boyfriend was moaning, it was because he was crushed under the car and that was the last of what ended literally my whole life. I made through 2 months in therapy as positive as can be. I still continue to try and be so positive.

My boyfriend had saved me just a year earlier from committing suicide and I took myself into treatment because I had relapsed 2 months earlier from using substances. I try and continue the positive life he gave me. But over time it gets harder living a life without him or my son who I rarely get to see because of the accident.

Dhs did not believe that being a para , I can take care of him when I proved them wrong. But it's life as a para. I lost the love of my life, my child, my schooling, the house I just signed the lease to with my boyfriend right before the accident.

I as well as lost the ability to ever walk again. Including so much more. I lost it all . But I am strong and continue to be positive. I continue to fight for my son. I know I will still get the happiness I deserve from life and know the chair will never stop me from being the person I need to be.

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