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You didn't have to. You made a commitment all those years ago,

Long before things were set in stone.

You didn't have to. You took on special needs

Like few have ever seen.

You didn't have to.

Appointments, surgeries, sicknesses, and more,

You acted as if you had done it all before.

You didn't have to.

You carried me in your arms

Everywhere we went,

And let me sit in your lap for hours on end.

You didn't have to. You rocked me in the chair

While I laid on your chest,

Because you figured out

That’s how I slept the best.

You didn't have to.

If someone called me spoiled,

And said to just lay me down,

You told them to either shut up or get out.

You didn't have to.

When that song came on,

You took me from my chair,

And started dancing everywhere.

You made sure

I knew what those powerful lyrics said.

This life is not forever,

And a better one is ahead.

You didn't have to.

For all this and more,

There’s one thing I can say,

Thank you for loving me every single day. Although the time was short,

I am thankful I had you.

You let me call you daddy

When you didn't have to.

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