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Angela Starr

Angela Starr was born in 1999 with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus . Angela had her back closed and a Ventrical Peritoneal shunt placed in her brain immediately after being born. The doctors told Angela’s parents that Angela would never accomplish anything or talk. Angela has proved those doctors wrong!

Many individuals who have Spina Bifida go they many procedures and surgeries in life . At the age of 4 years old, Angela had her heel cords released. Then, when Angela was 5 years old, Angela had an Apendicovesacostmy, also known as a Mitrofanoff.

At 10 years old , it was replaced and revised. When Angela was 13 years old , she had a shunt replacement surgery done and an another Mitrofanoff revision. But luckily , Angela does NOT let Spina Bifida stop her from doing what she wants and succeeding . In her spare time ,some of Angela’s hobbies are dancing, singing, reading and play basketball.

Angela says “ I am just a normal kid who just happens to have a disability and goes thru challenges. But honestly , who doesn’t have challenges in their life they need to over come ? Angela hopes to go to Escoffier Culinary school. She loves to cook and would love to become a Chef!

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