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Meet Robert !

At the Age of 28 , Robert lost the use of his legs . He couldn’t walk anymore . Robert was diagnosed with a rare disorder called Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia . What is that ? It refers to a group of inherited Neurological disorders that share the primary symptom of difficulty walking due to muscle weakness and muscle tightness (spasticity) in the legs. When it comes to HSP, there are more than 80 different genetic types. There are different Variations of severity of spasticity. About 50,000 people in the USA are diagnosed with HSP.

5 years ago Robert started bodybuilding. He does it to keep his strength up and his stress levels down.Robert has done a competition in the past . However due to medical issues, he is unable to train as hard as he is used to.

Robert loves to be a gamer . A video gamer. For one , it also helps keep his stress levels down . Also Robert loves the different aspects of games such as the story ,the artwork and technical video engineering that goes into the designing of the games . Robert calls himself a “ old school gamer “.

Robert would love for those who are born with a disability or gain a disability in their future to have patience and coping skills. He says “ I have met several people over the years who have no family support or coping skills to help them to deal with life changing experiences

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