Hey I'm Britanee

On December 21 2014, I was ran off the road by some kids on purpose.They were never caught. There wasn't enough proof to show it was a hit and run. I was given the whole blame for the accident.

Even though I know they hit me I was given the blame. My car flipped 3 times. I was ejected out on the 2nd flip and my car came down and landed on top of me in the ditch, I was pinned under the front passenger tire. I fractured my c7 & t6 and crushed and severed my t10 & 11. I broke my thumb and collapsed my right lung. I've came a long way since then, I don't let my chair define who i am.

Im still my same goofy self as i were before, I am just stronger and better. I've became an adrenline junkie. I do things most people think we can't. I've crowd surfed. I've been indoor skydiving.

Soon i plan to go actual skydiving out of a plane. I'm back driving again. It's like nothing ever happened. I am even planning a few road trips in the future. To help myself I've got into vocational rehab where I will soon to be back working and getting into college. I don't look at myself as if i have a disability. Why? because as ive said before nothing is impossible, Ifyou set your mind to it, you can achieve it.

My advice for those who have a disability at birth or even later in life like my self would be..... " Life gets hard at times but don't let it defeat you!" " Life rolls on. "

Brittanee continues to say “ Things always get harder before they get easier." " As long as you have strive in yourself you can over come and accomplish anything in life” . “ Dont allow your chair to define who you are” “ It’s not just a chair its more of your portable throne.” “Keep your head up and keep on Walk N Rolling .”