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Hi My Name Is Sandra

My journey began when my mom was seven months pregnant the doctors decide it was best for me to come out so I had a chance to have less Complications I was in the hospital since the day I was born on January 8 1986 until I was 5 months old I was in and out of hospitals after that always with complications at school no one knew about me having Spina Bifida because just by looking at me no one would know I had Spina Bifida.

I like spending time with my family going to the movies or just taking a Walk.

My pregnancies were always considered high risk because of the Spina Bifida but at the end everything always turned out good and I was able to deliver my two kids naturally.My eight year old is name Melanie and she is a very loving girl that loves to write stories and likes to help me with her baby brother Matteo who is 1 month old and is a really laid back baby

My goals for the future is to go back to school and pursue my dream of becoming a nurse, I also want to see my kids graduate high school and go to college ,

My advice for those with a disability would be, to not to let anyone tell them " you can't do something someone else can do that doesn’t have a disability.".

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