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Kelsey’s  Journey

I was born on Feb 25, 1992 healthy and full of life . Everything was fine. That was until an outbreak of Meningitis came in my state. Back in the day we didn't have a shot to prevent it at the time. I was fine, then I fell sick on December of 1992.

I got worse over time. I was taken back and forth to hospital. The doctors said to my family “ It’s just the flu “. Well, it wasn't just the flu. I kept getting worse and worse. I was so sick that I was having fever convulsions and seizures.

Then I was rushed in half dead. The doctors would ask my parents “ Why didn't you bring her in sooner?” Mom told them “ You just made us leave!” Well, after all that I was diagnosed with Meningitis. It’s not the severe form . After all that, I had a stroke and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. A very mild form. I am mostly deaf and i have had vision loss.

I was doing fine up to my 18th brithday. I was diagnosed with migraines. Eighteen days after my birthday, I wanted to fall into a deep sleep that night. I layed on the couch with my mother there. I wanted to go into a deep sleep.

I went to my doctors to see if could get stronger medicines. My current meds were not cutting it. The doctor had me get an MRI. That is when they diagnosed me with Hydrocephalus.

After that diagnosis , my doctor did a emergency surgery on my brain right away. Three brain surgeries later , and going through so much pain , I am able to see today. Finally I am back on my feet. I am still fighting headaches to this day. I made it to be 26 years old despite all what I've been through. I learned,I lived, I fight today.

I hope those who are in my shoes see that no matter what my challenges take me , I have lived my life to the fullest . You need to live your life to the fullest. Why? Because you never know what tomorrow will bring .

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