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Welcome Rene!!

So i found out my baby boy Rene has Spina Bifida on January 3, 2017. I was 5 months pregnant. I don’t think I cried so much in my life. so i had so much doctor appointments an not one doctor could tell me what i will be expecting if my son will ever walk play like all my other kids i never even hurd of the word Spina bifada they induced me at 39 weeks an i ended up having C-section.

I did not even get to see my son the took him straight to the NICU i had to waight hours to meet my baby an i could not even hold him hurt my hart so much 15 hours later they did a surgery to close up his back he spent 2 weeks in the NICU then finily home 2 days later in the ER his back was leaking spinel fluid so they re closed it an a few day later back home an then 4 days later back in the ER my son had a lot of fluid in his head so he got a EVD an them they put his VP shunt in his head 24 hours later home again 24 hours hours later back in ER he had a bad shunt so we spent 28 days there with in my son rene first 2 months he had 2 back surgery 5 EVDs 2 VP Shunts my hart was hurting so much because he is my baby an it is my job to keep him safe we had so much dr visits my son will be 1 years old April 13th 2018 an is doing so amazing his sb is on the very bottom of his spine he is such a happy baby for everything he has been throw he is the only baby born with sp an 22qu11.2 in New Mexico

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