Heather Wicks

Hello Walk N Rolling With Spina Bifida readers ! My name is Heather Wicks . I was born with a mild intellectual Disability. I also have a grade 3 brain bleed . I have low vision and mild Cerebral Palsy . How does my disabilities affect me ? They affect me by making me learn things slowly . In other words, it takes me a while to learn new things. If someone takes their time to teach me how to do things or the answer of a question , I can get it Growing up with my disabilities was not always easy on me . But I learned to adjust to having it. I have always wanted to be “ Normal”. What ever normal is . Then again,I am very normal in my own special way!

My goal for my future is to find employment. I hope for the rest of my life I keep being the best me that I possibly can be. The best advice I have for others is “ Never give up on your self”! “ Do your best to always believe in yourself”! You are unique and special!